About Me!

First of all, thank you so much for dropping by my brand new blog/website. It really means a lot to me as a budding author. I’ve been around social media for a very long time (20-ish years, to be honest), but I’m also incredibly anti-social. Oof.

I thought I would start off by doing a little get-to-know-me article. A character sheet just for me. I am the main character of my own story, aren’t I?

My name is Amy Johnson, and I’m a 27 year-old Reading teacher from the once-itty-bitty town of Dunlap, Tennessee. I’ve been here all my life and have no intention of moving anywhere else. You see, Dunlap is a valley. On each side are these small, flowing mountains, covered in brilliant green. In the fall, one can see every shade of red, orange, and yellow possible. The real view is from the mountain, though. When you look down, the patchwork fields of hundreds of farms smile up at you and embrace you in the warmth that a rural life brings. Cows, horses, chickens, sheep, goats… And my favorite smell in the whole wide world: freshly-cut hay.

I absolutely LOVE reading. I always have! My mother can tell you all about how I couldn’t keep my nose out of books during school. Pretty sure I read my middle school library clean. I enjoy all genres, but science fiction holds a special place in my heart. Some of my favorite authors are John Green, Scott Westerfeld, SJ Kincaid, Lynsay Sands (for the more adult audience), Marissa Meyer, and Richelle Mead.

If I’m not reading or working, I’m usually playing Pokemon. But, Amy, Pokemon is for kiiiiiids. Well, I was a kid once. A kid who played Red/Blue/Yellow for hours on end on the Game Boy Advance with absolutely no screen light. Lord, the headaches. Nowadays, my husband and I prefer a good Pokemon Go run and Sword/Shield, but the first generation of pocket monsters will always be our true loves.

What you can look forward to by following my blog: excerpts from my edited, clean manuscripts, fun Pokemon snippets, reading updates, and general bits of fun! Maybe even a rant or two. 😉

Goodnight, y’all.



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