Something Different

Hey, everyone!

I am on vacation this weekend and don’t have a blog post planned for Caged. Right now, I’m getting ready to set up pre-orders, but there’s been so many issues along the way. The cover wasn’t the right size, I made a million formatting mistakes, and everyone I’m working with lives on the other side of the world. facepalm Frustrating doesn’t begin to cover it.

I keeping my head up, though!! Pre-orders will be ready soon, and until then, I’m just enjoying what little bit of summer I have left. Which brings me to….


For this year’s summer trip, we decided to spend five days in Bradenton, Florida! I know what you’re thinking. “Oh my god, Amy. Florida has like a million cases of Covid. What were you thinking?” I was thinking BEACHOCEANBEACHOCEAN. But also like, I can wear a mask and social distance to the max. I’m a hermit anyway. I sleep most of the day and never want to go places.

So, we went. We are staying in this adorable tiny house on a shared property.

Our home away from home.

I would show you the inside, but you’ll just have to check out their AirBnB listing here: Tiny House Paradise

We depart for home tomorrow, but here are some various beach pictures and short descriptions for each. Enjoy!!

Manatee Beach, 7-11
Same day, same beach but an absolutely stunning sunset. We chose the perfect time to come.
A poorly taken panorama from
Neal Preserve. This was from a watch tower built during the Great Depression.

You can learn more about Neal Preserve here: Neal Preserve. While we wanted to see all sorts of local wildlife, we most saw rabbits and pigeons. The mosquitoes loved us though. I’ve never been swarmed by so many bugs in all my life. Some advice: always wear bug spray in the evenings in Florida. ALWAYS.

Another shot from Neal. That black stuff is extremely shallow water that smelled like DEATH. Just saying.

While there were many other adventures, I didn’t keep my phone on me at all times. So, here’s a bulleted list.

-We got trapped in a rainstorm. I walked/ran to get our car while Brandon sat and waited in a cop car.

-I somehow managed to knock my knee on the stairs climbing to the balcony to the bed. It hurt so bad that I cried.

-Elliott learned that he’s terrified of lizards. Do you know how many lizards there are in Florida?!

-The owners of the property had a super sweet dog named Winter that I didn’t even get a picture of. But he was the best part of the whole thing. Lol

Overall, it’s been really nice to get away and spend some time at the beach. There’s just something so relaxing about the water.

See you guys soon with updates on Caged. Xoxo.

2 Replies to “Something Different”

  1. Yay!! Pre-orders!! Don’t stress too much! You’ll get the details worked out!! ☺️ The beach looks beautiful! I’m glad you guys got to get away for awhile! ☺️ That tiny house is adorable! Also, I wanna hear the story behind why Brandon was hanging out in a cop car. 😂


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