Character Interviews (Eden)

Tomorrow is the release of Caged!!! Are you as excited as I am?! Probably not, because I’m having minor heart palpitations over here. 

In preparation and in celebration of Caged’s release, I called in some co-hosts. I’m going to be conducting some interviews with the main cast— Eden, Linux, Knox, and Cyrus. Ladies first, of course. 

**Words in bold are spoken by Amy, the interviewer**

Hey, Eden! Bear with me; I know you hate being in the spotlight. We’ll start easy, I promise. What’s your full name? Do you have any nicknames? Um… My full name is Eden Cavalleri. People call me lots of things behind my back, but mostly just Eden in front of me. Knox calls me Angel sometimes.

Where and when were you born?The tunnels underneath the city of Druxy. Pretty sure that’s where we were all born. It’s pretty gross to think that I was born in the same place were rats sleep. Don’t you sleep there, too? Yeah… *shudders* Change the subject. 

Who are your parents? Alaric and Lydia Cavalleri. My dad was a council member. He oversaw Luddite health. Mom was a gardener. She helped feed everyone. Who do you think had the hardest job? Mom. Definitely. It’s almost impossible to garden when you live underground. 

Do you have any siblings? One. Cyrus. What’s he like? *smiles* Cyrus is the best person I’ve ever met. He’s optimistic, funny, kind… He always had faith in me, even when I had none for myself. Man, he had a temper, though. I remember this one time he fought another council member because they snapped at me. *laughs* Good times…

Where do you live now? And with whom? Well, I’m kind of on the run. I can’t tell you where I am or who’s with me. The Artificials and Idyllics are probably tracking me.

Okay, that’s fine. What’s your occupation? I was a runner. What’s that? I went outside the tunnel system to look for supplies, mostly weapons, medicine, clothes. That kind of thing. Was it dangerous? *laughs* I’ll let them read my story to figure that one out. 

Let’s get a little more specific to your world. Humans are endangered, right? Yes. What’s their biggest threat? The Artificials. They’re like robotic police officers. They’re specifically designed to hunt down humans and capture them. What happens once they’re caught? Well, there’s two options. You will either be killed and used as a host for the cybernetics, or you’ll become an exhibit in the Anthros. 

Let’s talk about the Anthros for a minute. What is that? Anthros is short for Anthropological Park. It’s basically a facility where machines study humans. They conduct all sorts of tests, mental and physical. Some subjects become exhibits, where you stand in a glass box and machines come to look at you. Kind of like a zoo, huh? So I’ve heard. I’ve never seen a zoo, only read about them. 

So you like reading! What’s your favorite book? That’s an impossible question to answer! I love all books. Same. But stretch your brain. I guess if I had to pick, it would be my poetry book. It’s a collection of Sara Teasdale poems. 

Let’s talk about your past a little. I know it’s hard. I’ll try to skip the bad parts. I really appreciate that. Describe your childhood in one word. Loving. Care to elaborate? Sure. We didn’t have a lot, but I never felt unloved. My parents made sure Cyrus and I had happy memories from that dark time. 

What’s one of your best memories? Ice skating. The tunnels connected to the river, and Dad engineered some skates for us out of old knives and shoes. It was a disaster, and we were all black and blue by the end of the night. Mom worried that we would get sick, but luckily, we didn’t. 

What do you consider the most important event in your past? The day my parents were captured. Why? It moved me to be the best runner that I could be. Taught me to be careful when dealing with the machines. 

Okay, easier questions. Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Pessimist, for sure. I’m the best at finding the worst case scenario. 

What’s your greatest fear? The Luddites being killed off. 

Do you believe in soul mates/true love? Of course. Some people are just meant for one another. Do you have one? *scowls* Yeah, no. 

What’s your favorite color? Green, for sure. Why? It reminds me of the outdoors. 

Last one, who do you want me to interview next? Linux. He’s going to hate it. *laughs* Should I go easy on him? Absolutely not. Make it as torturous as possible. Got it. 

Have a great Monday! Tomorrow’s the BIG DAY!!!

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