Character Interviews (Linux)

Hello, everyone! If you haven’t already heard, Caged went on sale last week. My fierce YA scifi novel can be purchased in ebook or paperback form here: Caged (Idyllic Series Book 1)

But today, we have another character interview for you! Per Eden’s request, I’ve dragged Linux here. These questions are going to be hard. Let’s torture a Linux.

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(Just like before, interviewer questions are in bold.)

Hey, Linux. What’s your full name? Alyx… I don’t, um, really know my last name. That’s alright. Do you have any nicknames? Yeah. Linux is actually one. Eden also calls me Lin, among other things. Where did that nickname come from? Um… Linux is an operating system for different devices. Some of the cybernetics in Druxy run on the Linux system. Since I do a lot of the coding for the Luddites, it just seemed to fit.

Where were you born? Somewhere in Druxy, I guess. You don’t know? *shakes his head* My parents didn’t live long enough to tell me. Also, most of my memories before Eden are blurry. Did you know your parents names? *shakes his head* Sorry…

I should be the one that’s sorry. I’m going to dig into this a little more. Is that okay? *nods* How would you describe your childhood? Lonely and scary. I was young when my parents were harvested. Most of my time was spent running and hiding from the Artificials. Do you remember what happened to them? *shakes his head* I think I’ve blocked most of it, out. I just know they were harvested.

Where did you learn about computers, then, if your parents weren’t around? I did learn some of it from them. They were both proficient with machines, too. What I didn’t learn from them, I got from experimentation. 

Want to talk about something happier? Yes, please. Who are your friends? Eden and her brother, Cyrus. Is that all? *cringes* The other Luddites our age haven’t always been kind to me. That’s unfortunate. Do you know why? *nods* When I first came to the tunnels, I was really weak and withdrawn. I didn’t help or really pitch in. Everything scared me. They resented me for being useless, basically. That’s terrible, Linux. I’m sorry. *shrugs* It’s okay. it’s not so bad anymore. 

Who has had the most influence on you? Eden. Definitely. Why? *blushes* She… She inspires me to be braver. I’m not as scared when she’s around. Aww. That’s cute. Are you and Eden dating? What?! No! *turns bright red* We’re just friends! That’s it. Sorry I asked. *laughs* Do you want to be more than, um, friends? NO! She’s like an older sister! I— she— we—

*laughs* Let’s just move on. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you so far? *rubs back of neck* This one time, I stepped on a rat in one of the outer tunnels and screamed so loud that everyone within a mile probably heard me. That’s not that bad. *still red in the face* I also fell when it tried to climb on me and ended up with a very… obvious… mud stain. They called me Poopux for a month. *hides laughter by shuffling interview questions* That’s unfortunate. I’m sorry, Poo-LINUX

What’s the best memory you have so far? When Eden found me. Why is that so powerful to you? She rescued me from the brink of death, nursed me back to health, and gave me a purpose. I’ll be forever indebted to her. 

What’s your biggest fear? The cyborgs— Artificials, cybernetics, Idyllics. All of them terrify me. But don’t you go with Eden on runs? *grimaces* Yeah… but I’m always a scared mess. My stomach hurts every time we go out. 

I asked Eden this question, but I want to know what your opinion is. Do you believe in the existence of soulmates/true love? *thinks* Um, sure. Some people fit together perfectly. Everyone has a opposite, a person to balance them out. Have you met your soulmate? *looks away* I don’t want to answer that…

Let’s finish with some short, easy questions. What’s your favorite hobby? Building and coding. Favorite color? Electric blue. *blushes* Do you like to read? Sure. I like it better when Eden reads to me. 

What makes you laugh? When Cyrus tells me jokes. What makes you sad? When someone’s mean to me. What makes you mad? When people insult or doubt Eden. 

Okay, two questions left. This one’s from Eden, actually. Where do you see yourself in five years? *hesitates* Honestly? Yes. Be truthful, please. We can take it. Dead, more than likely. Us humans don’t stand a chance in this world. 

Last question: Who should I interview next? Cyrus or Knox? Cyrus. Keep Knox waiting. it’ll kill him to be last. 

Have a good weekend, guys! See ya on Monday!

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