Book Review #2- Aurora and God by G.M.J

Happy Monday, guys! I’m back with another book review. Be prepared to see a few more of these. I’m really into reviewing. Who knew!

I’m also working on the sequel for Caged. I’ll post some sneak peeks as soon as I feel comfy. Don’t wanna jinx it. 😉

Alright, let’s dive right in!!

Today’s review is on a book called Aurora and God by G.M.J. This is quite different than the genre I frequent. It’s a contemporary Christian romance.

Aurora struggles with addiction and depression following the death of her boyfriend, Tom. Having distanced herself from her friends and family, she often feels alone and helpless. Aurora was once religious but has since lost her connection with God, because she feel like He has deserted her. Her sister Julia struggles with her new pregnancy and remaining dedicated to her sister even when she has her own doubts about her relationship.

After one night of consuming too many pills, Aurora’s father makes her go see Fr. Sebastian, a local priest and therapist. At once, Aurora is calmed by him. Their relationship is a rollercoaster that would make anyone a little nauseous– in the best way of course! Their friendship blossoms, though, and wonderful things come around the bend.

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I purchased this book in order to review it, and I’m really glad I did. I was so hesitant at first because it’s really outside of my wheelhouse. I don’t read a lot of religious stuff, even though I am religious. To say the least, I was pleasantly surprised.

Style of Writing: The author has a very easy-to-read style. It’s very picturesque and flowy, sometimes bleeding into straight poetic. There were several instances where I had to stop and think about what I was reading to let it all sink in. There are some truly beautiful quotes.

Length: It wasn’t a terribly long read. Once the story really got moving, it took me about five days to finish, only because I work full-time and could only read in the evenings. It read smoothly, though.

Character Development: This is by far my favorite part of this story. Aurora is so relatable. That feeling of helplessness and despair, of loneliness and disgust (for herself and everyone around her). I get that. I really do. She sort of dissolves into her darkness at times, and every single time, I was sympathizing and wanting to help her back up. I celebrated her good days and felt SO RELIEVED when things got better for her.

Julia, her sister, was another AMAZING character. Julia is so full of potential. The complete opposite of her sister, she seems to have it all worked out and it’s so unfair at the beginning. But what the reader quickly learns is that Julia deals with a lot of doubts about her fiance. Rightfully so. He’s a jerkhead. Let’s leave it at that before I spoil too much.

**SPOILER ALERT** I can’t finish my review without discussing the end of this book. So, beware.

Both of these girls really grow out of their darkness and into themselves. It was amazing to watch their transformations.

Lastly, about characters, I freakin’ loved Sebastian and Aurora’s relationship. I’ll go ahead and admit that I really wanted them together– even if he is a priest. I was REALLY hoping things would work out for them. That leads us to my next category.

Plot: Like I already said, it was a smooth story to read. The chapters moved along quickly and there wasn’t really any slow moments as you went. I do have one complaint though. *clears throat*


Um… So, I was not happy with the end. After everything Aurora goes through, she loses one thing she really wanted in life, the one thing she freakin’ deserved. I get the bigger picture. I get the whole “she didn’t need a man to be happy in her life” thing, but come on… UGH

From a writer’s point of view, it really felt like lazy writing. The ending was so unexpected and rushed and… unnecessary. I feel like it was a simple way to tie up lose ends. He didn’t need to die, dang it. He could have just left town like he planned to. End rant.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Overall, I’d give it an 8/10. I would definintely reccommend it, because I really did enjoy it. I just had that one SMALL complaint. 😉 The book can be found here in paperback and ebook format.


2 Replies to “Book Review #2- Aurora and God by G.M.J”

  1. Excellent book. I agree with your review of the ending. However, those kinds of endings are part of what makes a good book likely to stick in your memory much longer!


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