Book Review #6: Awoken by Billie Kermack

I’m really enjoying reading while I work on Caged’s sequel! It’s coming, I promise. Nano’s approaching; I can feel the slight chill in the air from all the dread it brings with it. That’s when I plan on working on Idyllic Series #2. Next week holds some sneak peaks, though! So look forward to that.

But today, I have another book review for you! This week is a paranormal romance by author Billie Jade Kermack.

Grace O’Callaghan has a seemingly normal life. Dealing with her father’s unfortunate death, she goes to school and tries to stay under the radar. 

That is until Beau walks into her life. 

Beau Milner is anything but normal. Strikingly handsome and frustratingly anti-social, Grace is instantly drawn to Beau. She’s not the only one though… Shadows wait for the sweet couple, and if they can’t fight them off, both will have to pay.

As always, taken from Amazon.


Kermack’s style is very descriptive. I don’t mind a good description in my stories! I want to be able to visualize how everything’s laid out and really see myself in the story. That’s completely possible while reading Awoken. Grace’s pain, love, and frustration is all so well laid out that it’s quite breath-taking at times. 

That being said, there were moments where my entire screen was just wall-to-wall text. That might be a Kindle issue, because the text is laid out so much differently. This could be off-putting for some readers. Even I found myself skipping forward because I was slightly overwhelmed. 


This really goes hand in hand with what I said earlier about Kermack’s style. It is a very wordy book, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It took me about a week to finish, but as I’ve said before, I have a life and sometimes it takes me a while to finish. 

I found that the beginning of the book was slower than the rest, making it take much longer for me. After about 40%, things seemed to fly by. Even I found myself wishing the 400 pages weren’t over!

Character Development: 

Okay, so, I’ll talk about this in-depth more when we come to plot, in my opinion, Awoken is very similar to Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. The book, not that crappy movie. And I know that not everyone likes the books, but I’ve been a fan since I was in high school. So, I say everything from here on out as a compliment. 

Grace is a fantastic female lead. She’s independent while knowing when it’s okay to ask for help. She’s funny and strong but so weak at times. It’s extremely relatable. I found myself laughing out loud at some of her inner ramblings. Certain events unfold at the end, and I really expected her to fold— quite like Bella from Twilight— but she didn’t. That was the true moment that I knew these two characters were stark different. 

Beau is a dreamboat. Let’s get that off the table. He’s tall, dark, handsome, mysterious, protective— all the things we wished for in a boyfriend when we were in high school. Beau has a fantastic sense of humor as well, and he uses his gift for seeing the dead to do fantastic, great things. Yet, I have one complaint. He’s too much like Edward. He constantly blames himself for things, and he just… Let’s say I’m trying really hard not to spoil it for you. Not read this next part if you don’t want a mild spoiler in your head….

Dear Beau: It wasn’t all your fault, and you need to get your butt back before the next book starts. OR ELSE. 


Now, when I finished reading this book, I messaged the author, Billie Jade Kermack, to ask if it was inspired by Twilight. 

Her answer shocked me. 

“No, it wasn’t.”

Well, you must be on the same freakin’ wavelength as Stephanie Meyer, then, because man, these books are similar! I’m not complaining. It reads like a typical teen romance, made better by the paranormal, spooky twist of ghosts. Grace wants Beau; he seems like her very presence is annoying. Finally, he breaks down, and voila! LOVE! 

That said, it really did make the plot a little bit predictable for me. I knew what was coming after the last event. I felt it deep in my soul, and I kept hoping I was wrong. 

I wasn’t. Let’s leave it at that. 

If you’re a fan of Twilight but wish it was darker— read Awoken by Billie Jade Kermack. Here’s the buy link. I’m giving it a solid 8/10. Pick it up.


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