Book Review #7: The Sensorians: Awakening by Brigitte Starkenburg

*taps mic* Does this thing still work? I mean, it’s been dead silent for…. two weeks?

Let me just say: YIKES. Last week was rough, y’all. Between worrying about this election and work and life and UGH. It was too much.

I have been hard at work on the next Idyllic book, which I’ll start doing bits of reveals for here soon. Then, I did some reading. Which leads me to today’s review!


Eliza had a rough enough childhood as it was. Between her father abandoning her and being diagnosed as schizophrenic, she did her best to muddle through and come out the other end. Things don’t get better when the mysterious Zack shows up in her life. He says he knows where her father is and that he needs her. In order to help anyone, Eliza will have to face challenges that will test her to the core.

Will she come out the other side a better person or be forever bent by the Sensorian way of life?

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Style and Length:

Starkenburg’s style is very simplistic. Normally when we talk about someone being simple, it’s an insult. Don’t take it as that here. What I mean is, it flowed really easily and wasn’t overly complicated in vocabulary or grammar or side plots or anything like that. It was not a challenging read in any way whatsoever.

And I prefer that! It was an average length read, sitting at 232 Kindle pages. I started on Thursday (or maybe Friday) and got finished on Tuesday. The majority of the book I read over the weekend! Instantly it hooked me, and I was super eager to keep going.
One complain I do have (because I’m trying to do better about being constructive) is that sometimes the dialogue throughout the story was confusing. This is an issue in formatting and super easy to fix.

Above, you’ll see a snippet of conversation from the very beginning of the book. No spoilers this early in the review. 😂 I’m used to the start of a new paragraph (aka, drop down a line and indent) meaning that someone new is speaking. So, I read it as Kas-Eliza-Kas-Eliza. In reality, it’s supposed to be Kas-Kas-Eliza-Eliza. Like I said, an easy fix!! All Starkenburg would need to do is backspace where those conversations have been unnecessarily indented.

I’ll also go out of my way to say that in NO WAY does this affect the quality of the story. Once I got used to it, not a problem. It just boggled me at first.

Character Development:

I’ll start off this section by saying that I love these freaking characters. 😂 Starkenburg does a magnificent job at making sure her two POVs are different enough that a reader can tell. Plus, every single character is different! It’s truly phenomenal. Even I struggle with that.
Let’s start with Eliza. A fireball, for sure. Her personality is very strong, and she resists being oppressed throughout the book. I love how she developed into a understanding and much more sensible girl when it came to the Sensorian’s ways. I was caught a bit off guard by how much I liked her to be honest.

Next, Zack. My favorite!! Zack is an authoritative leader, taking control of many a situations. He struggles with figuring out his feelings for Eliza without compromising his job at the same time. I LOVE this character. He’s a bit of a swearer, but that doesn’t even take away. I really, really, really hope he gets a chance to finish what he and Eliza started. *winkwink*

There are other minor characters, each of which are very developed. I hesitate to even call them minor. Zaphyre, Zack’s sister, is the temptress of the story. I’m not a huge Zaphy fan (only because I’m Team Zack lol). Then there’s Markus and Laura (heads of the Sensorians), Kasper, Eliza’s boyfriend (*boos erupt all around*), Sam and Ned (Zack’s friends), and even Alice (Eliza’s mom). It wasn’t such a big cast that I couldn’t keep up, so I appreciate that from the author.


First of all, this story moves along SO. FAST. The beginning was an absolute blur. In my opinion, I would have slowed down quite considerably. Zack and Eliza meet one day and then she’s leaving with him the next. I know the mission is important and time-sensitive but it really felt a bit rushed. I would have made the entire first quarter it’s own book, probably, developing their relationship and letting Zack convince her of who and what she is.

Now, it does slow down after the initial meet. Training and then the mission was much more developed in my opinion. I have no complaints or questions about how the main plot points unravelled. I am definitely excited to see what happens next, though!
You can count on me to read Book 2 when it comes out.😉

I’d give this book a big ole 9.5 outta 10. I’ll definitely be recommending. Might even ask Starkenburg to do an author interview for me.

You can buy The Sensorians on Amazon here.

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