Book Review #16: Trust (Sensorians Book 2) by Brigitte Morse-Starkenburg

**Be aware, there are spoilers in this review! So, if you haven’t read book 1, which I reviewed here… DO NOT CONTINUE**

All Eliza wanted was to be trusted. She’s been thrown head-first into this new community of people with gifts like hers, and now, they want her to prove she’s on their side.

After a month of isolation, Eliza’s read to face the world again. This time, though, she’s going to take the hunt for her father Rick into her own hands. When she hatches a plan to infiltrate his headquarters, things will quickly get out of hand.

People close to her will be hurt, and the consequences for her actions will be irreversible. Will it be worth it? Will she gain the trust she so desperately wants?

I love Starkenburg’s style. I’ve reviewed her book before, and I cannot iterate enough how much I LOVE this simplistic, yet emotional style of writing. It isn’t draggy with the descriptions but you can still see clearly the setting and emotions in every single line. Starkenburg really has done it again with a very well-written book. I absolutely gobbled this book down. No regrets at all.

I will say kudos to Starkenburg for fixing the formatting errors that I pointed at in my last review. I had no such issues this time! Aside from a few minor typos here and there, it was a solid read!

Now, I did have one slight issue (Say it with me, “Oh, Lord, of course you did, Amy. *insert heavy eye roll*). I loved this book. Ate it right up. And yet, at times, I was still hungry for more. This book felt like Starkenburg spent a lot of time telling me what was happening without really showing me. I wanted to see Eliza tricking Daniel. I wanted to see them conversing amongst themselves, playing around and relaxing. Some scenes feel very skipped over, and I’d really like to be able to see more. Instead of telling me that Zack was furious with her, show me him stomping away (I mean, he does that anyway, but I fully expect him to stomp like every other dang page).

TLDR; I feel like this book could have been longer and deeper than it was.

Our beloved cast is back. Eliza is still in love with Zaphire. Zack is still a pining little snot with anger issues. But we’ve also got a whole new group: Daniel, Ned (old but with a bigger part now), Sam, Phaedra, Irena, I could go on for years, but I won’t.

Eliza is still as strong as ever, although she’s starting to realize she’s not perfect. I like that her character is changing over time– taking bigger risks and wanting to be more independent. She also realizes that she needs help and asks Zack. That was a great decision in my opinion.

Zack is still just as angry as always, and I love him for it, lol. I wish he’d make better decisions, but I understand why he’s making bad ones. He wants a girl he thinks he can’t have. The whole love triangle thing is mega-frustrating. I am glad he met Phaedra, maybe they can have some no-strings-attached time together and get out those frustrations. I really like Phaedra, despite the fact that Zack and Eliza belong together.

Zaphire made me extremely mad throughout this entire book. I tolerated her in book one, but I really just… Ugh. She seems really whiny sometimes, and she doesn’t want to accept the idea that Eliza left her. She’s way too cocky for her own good! And that gets in her in trouble.

Overall, Starkenburg always does an excellent job of creating characters that are both frustratingly and amazingly real at the same time. That’s obvious in how I describe the poor things.

Other than the issues I’ve already discussed above, I have no problems with the plot. I would complain about the ending a little bit more, but if you’re a reader who can easily pick one book up after another, you will not complain about the way the end is formatted. It’s a massive cliff-hanger, and I’m just mad that Book 3 isn’t out yet. LOL So, my dislike there is a little bit biased.

Otherwise, the action moves along smoothly and makes perfect sense. As far as I know, there are no plot holes or unanswered questions (other than that STUPID END). Well done, Brige.

If you want to buy Trust or read it through Kindle Unlimited, you can do that here. 🙂


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