Book Review #34: Dear Pink by Michelle Angelle

After catching her high-school sweetheart in bed with another woman, Hannah’s life starts to spiral into a dark, dismal state. Not only are her dreams of going to art school crushed, but she’s also alone without her parents or best friend. That is, until she receives the bucket list: a set of things Libby says she must do. Hannah will have to do wild and “crazy” things. Will the list get her out of the box she’s lost herself in? Will it help her find love?

Gabe is sick and tired of fake women throwing themselves at him all because he’s attractive. After his social media influencer ex cheating on him, he’s determined to stay single and run his vet office in peace. That is, if his six Italian sisters will leave him alone long enough. When he runs into a gorgeous woman dressed head to toe in pink, totting a pink bike to match, his place for a life of celibacy might be over.

Hannah and Gabe are both tragically unprepared for the rollercoaster they’re both thrown into. Will they come out new people or be drowned by their own pasts?

I don’t read rom-coms as much as I should. I forget how much I love them until I pick one up and get swept away in it. Someone in our book club (where I read this) said that it has a “nice warm feeling after a long, hard day.” It’s almost like coming home for me. These are the books I read for a break from the heavier topics I tend to read and write. While I could never write a rom-com myself, they’re my guilty pleasure, comfort reads.

All that being said, I think it’s pretty obvious I loved this book. Michelle Angelle’s style is simplistic enough that the writing was super easy to follow but you could still easily visualize the events and characters through it. The comedy was, of course, a bit overdone, but I feel like that’s a staple of the genre. I can understand why some might see it as overdramatic, so this may not be a book for EVERYONE. But lovers of the genre will understand and appreciate the humor and drama of it all.

The characters were also extremely well-written. They were both heightened (Gabe and his gorgeous self) but also incredibly and perfectly flawed (past traumas that cause hinderance to the plot). Hannah isn’t just a gorgeous modern woman; she’s a self-conscious, nervous, anxious individual whose drawn so far into herself that even her two closest coworkers don’t know who she really is. I enjoyed how realistic her portrayal way, even amidst the drama of the story. She’s constantly looking for ways out of things, which I can 100% relate to, and failing time and time again.

Not only are the writing style and the characters well-created, but the storyline is also expertly crafted. You have this lighthearted comedic love story on the surface, and a more serious motivation underneath. Libby’s list really brings the touch of severity that you need to deepen the personality of the story.

Overall, I adored this story. If it wasn’t for other reading responsibilities, I would have picked up Michelle Angelle’s second book instantly after finishing. As it stands, it’ll have to wait, but just know, I’m very, very excited to read more from these two.


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