Book Review #35: Pomegranates and Olive by Jane Gundogan

Olive is a hot mess. She’s been with the same guy for nearly fifteen years, she’s obsessed with Shakespeare, and she’s got a job that she loves as a librarian! Oh, that doesn’t scream crazy? Well, on top of all that, she also vomited all over her proposing boyfriend, fled Australia in order not to face him, stole a stranger’s coffee in the airport, and then proceeded to… make out with him?

Tame Librarian Olive is ready for a new start as she struggles to find herself and happiness in Turkey. Her mission is further complicated when she discovers that her Tall, Dark, and Sweater Wearing airplane companion is also going to be in Turkey with her– staying on the same property! Can Olive find happiness again? And maybe even love?

This is the second book by Jane that I’ve read. I don’t know why I didn’t review the first one on my blog, lol. I might have to go back and re-read it.

I’ll start off by saying that I am a HUGE fan of Jane’s writing. The first book in this series was one of my favorite 2020 reads, and I was literally racing to my computer to buy this one when it was released. I knew it was going to be good, and Jane did NOT disappoint me.

Pomegranates and Olive is a romantic comedy, and boy, does it fit the bill. You’ve got the hilarity that goes with the genre as well as the spicy scenes that will have you fanning yourself and turning your screen (or book, if you prefer physical copies!) away from whoever is nearby. This book had me ROLLING. But then I was about to cry? To say I was invested would be an understatement.

What I also love about Jane’s books is that the female leads are always more than I expect them to be. They’re not textbook “pretty” or idiots or shallow. Olive is a curvy gal with a brain to match and a personality that might be described as a wildfire. And Deniz (her love interest) has his hands full at every twist and turn. But that’s what makes her so magnificent. It’s a real portrayal of femininity, and I am definitely down for it. I also loved that Jane touched on Olive’s fragile mental state and treated it with extreme respect. She doesn’t shut down the depression that Olive’s going through or sweep it under the rug. She gives her lovely character a chance to figure it out (with or without the help of a Turkish dreamboat).

Without giving too much away, in typical rom-com fashion, all of Jane’s books are HEA guaranteed, which is just what I needed right now. 10/10. I cannot wait for the next book in this series!

To close out, I want to share some of the comments I made, not in the book, but to my best friend, whom I was texting as I was devouring this book.

“*sends screenshot from the book* I swear to you, I want him to DIE.” -Amy in regards to a not-so-lovely ex-boyfriend of Olive’s.

“I SWEAR IF SOMEONE DOESN’T GET PUNCHED, I WILL GO THROUGH THIS SCREEN MYSELF.” -Amy, speaking of a certain ex-boyfriend of Olives (maybe, definitely the same as the last quote)

*sends another screenshot* “OMG, is that not the hottest thing you’ve ever read?” -Amy, who is turning pink with shame as she reads this SPICE

And last but not least, a quote from the book to win you over….

“Sweet Baby Jesus! He’s a half naked cowboy!” -Olive, oogling Deniz. Honestly, honey, same. Same.

You can buy Pomegranates and Olive on Amazon using the link below. Seriously. Do it. You will not regret this purchase.

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