Book Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday! It’s release day for this lovely anthology that I did with the folks over at Damien Hanson Books (or Sconnie Books, as we call ourselves).

Boxes—rigid rectangular containers usually made of wood, metal, or cardboard. But what happens when boxes become more than the boring definition they’re given? When the contents become more important than their exteriors and entire journeys center around them… What happens when a box becomes your entire world?

Eight different authors deliver a genre-mashup anthology that includes dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic, game-lit, and horror short stories all centered around the same topic—a mystery box. The collection will rocket you into a space-themed video game, throw you into a fantasy world filled with undead, have you gritting your teeth in a barren, near-future wasteland, and spin you headfirst on a psychedelic trip through time. Discover a diverse cast of characters who are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

I wrote a post-apocalyptic story, which is a little out of the ordinary for me!

My blurb:

Following a global climate collapse, where the world that remains is nothing but a barren tundra from heatwaves and blizzards back to back, mourning-mother Abigail York is on a mission. She carries only the bare necessities—and a single cardboard box. Her mission is to deliver the box to the safe zone in Boston.

No excuses. No mistakes.

But the road is filled with Thieves, and when she gets entangled in their web, it’ll be a matter of survival just to get her box to safety.

In honor of our release day, we’re doing a giveaway of TWO (2) paperback copies of the anthology! Although they won’t be signed due to us being authors from all different corners of the world, you can guarantee they’ll be only the best quality.

Click the image below to be forwarded to the raffle website! Good luck! You can also subscribe to this blog to have updates throughout the week!


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