Book Review #36: Fall of Titan by H.G. Ahedi

Emmeline is chasing a myth. A fairy tale. Being a young girl with an insatiable curiosity, she follows the breadcrumb trails across the universe. While her means aren’t always orthodox, the plaque that she discovers could be the key to unlocking a device of infinite power.

Emmeline isn’t the only one chasing down the device, though. The queen of a alien-species called the Orias is quick behind her, training her eyes on Titan, the space station Emmeline calls home.

Can Emmeline and the rest of her friends on Titan uncover the mysterious of the plaque, or will the Orias succeed in wiping them off the map? Is figuring it out even worth the cost Emmeline will have to pay?

Fall of Titan (Realm Book 1) by [H.G. Ahedi]

This book was an absolute ROLLERCOASTER to read. Ahedi is an author I have read works from before, so I am kind of familiar with their style of writing. It’s a simplistic and descriptive style. Like other novels in the SFF genre, long descriptions are often needed to create the sprawling world that the author has created, and Ahedi is a master of this. I was able to easily visualize even the furthest reaches of space in a span of a few paragraphs.

The format of the book was rather unusual for me, because Emmeline’s story is told from a limited third-person point-of-view and jumps between many characters. Like a movie, the camera (or author, in this case) seems to follow whoever is most important at the time. It allows for a very encompassing style of storytelling where a reader misses nothing! I don’t usually enjoy this type of writing because it can seem jarring, but Ahedi managed to do it in a seamless fashion, and I loved every second of it.

As far as characters go, there is a rather large cast. Readers of this particular genre won’t be bothered! I’ve seen enough episodes of Star Trek to be able to handle an entire space crew plus some aliens, lol. The ensemble cast is large, but there’s no extras. Everyone is important in their own way and no one overlaps. They’re all well-defined and stand out. My favorite character is probably the commander of the ship, Anastasia. She seemed to show the most growth from beginning to end, and that’s always what makes or breaks a character for me.

Now, I do have two minor complaints. One, I struggled to get through the beginning. It seemed to drag on, and I had some trouble connecting to the characters while such BIG events were happening. Now, I think this is something that other scifi readers will LOVE. It just wasn’t for me! But let me tell you, at about 8% in, things really kicked on, and I was sucked in! My second complaint is a little more… personal.

WHAT THE HECK YOU MEAN BOOK 2 ISN’T OUT YET? Seriously? I have screamed into my pillow already, and I will continue to cry until December.

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