Book Review #39: Beneath a Blanket of Snow by Arlene Lomazoff-Marron

Meredith Perkins’ life was almost perfect. A loving, faithful husband, two beautiful children, wealth enough to live comfortably… It really was a wonderfully calm, blissful life.

But even the ugliest truths can be covered by a gorgeous glass cover.

One tragic decision by Meredith’s husband leads to her family’s collapse. With Jonathan imprisoned, Meredith is left to try and piece their broken life back together. With awful circumstances come new opportunities, though, and the Perkins’ family may all just come out better than they were before.

This was a surprisingly enjoyable read for me. I loved the constant drama that was unfolding at every moment of this novel. It isn’t just the It isn’t just the central character Meredith that has her issues. Every family seems to really fall apart, and that’s what makes a person really want to keep reading. There was never a time when the storyline downright bored me. I kept picking it back up up hurry and finish because I needed to know how these women were going to reconcile their lives.

I also really liked how short and choppy these chapters were. I’m the kind of person who has to read until the end of the chapter. I can’t stop mid-chapter. So this made it easy to read a couple (or twenty in some cases) every night. I wasn’t falling asleep with exhaustion after work and trying to force myself to finish.

Now, there were some things I really didn’t enjoy about this novel. You can chalk some up to personal preference. First, the dialogue did sometimes seem unnatural. For example, there were two brothers who were having a conversation and one kept calling the other “bro.” I have never in my life called my brother Bro to his face. Sometimes I’ll refer to him as my little bro, but never in conversation with him.

Second, I did get *slightly* annoyed by the “preachy” nature of the plot. There at the end especially, when the girls are telling how they resolved their issues. Your readers are very smart; they don’t need to be told what the moral of the story is. Often it felt like you were shoving the lessons that I was supposed to learn down my throat. I definitely would have understood it without all the preaching! The characters actions and consequences speak for themselves.

If you’re a fan of slow-paced but dramatic family dramas, then you’ll enjoy this novel! It wasn’t my favorite read of the year, though.

Overall Rating: 3/5
Pacing: Slow, but the short chapters aiding in balancing this.
Intended Audience: A
Content Warnings: Eating Disorders
Purchase Link:

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