Book Review #41: A Drive Through Time by Andrei Saygo

A drunken night of goodbye with his friends leaves young Duncan sick on the couch of his state-of-the-art RV. He goes looking for something to break up the ache pounding in his head and instead wakes up in– historic Switzerland?!

Somehow, he’s thrown back in time and thrust in the middle of a tribal conflict. His modernized weapons and technology confuse the locals, and he’s quickly labeled as a shaman.

Before Duncan can even understand what he’s doing, he’s participating in a conflict for the beautiful, sword-weilding woman who he’s grown to love in a world he barely understands. Can he help or will he destroy the pattern of time, creating a mess of the present?

A Drive through Time by [Andrei Saygo]

I love Saygo’s books! I’ve read his DC Coven series and his short story The Squeamish Vampire. Saygo has this way of writing that’s simplistic enough that I don’t struggle with it but still complex enough that I can sit back and enjoy it as an author as well. That’s something special, to me.

This book is a very fast-paced read. The action comes quickly, one event after another, so that I was breezing through without being bored. It does read almost like a YA novel but without all the angst that comes from teenage characters. They’re older, and they act as such. Pacing is definitely top-notch!

Another thing I really appreciated was the incredibly well thought out-ness (I know that’s not a word, but I couldn’t think of a better word for it, lol) of the whole thing. With time-travel novels, you often find plot-holes and unanswered questions. How is modern tech going to fit in? Is it all going to work? Why does this person have this extent of technology on hand when they’re sucked back? I was sort of worried that our ends wouldn’t exactly meet.

But I was pleasantly surprised! Every time I came across a question, I got an answer! Why does he have a military grade RV, loaded with weapons? Answered. How does he plan to keep his RV running? Answered. How’s he continually generating water/power/energy? Answered. It is absolutely seamless– the entire thing. I cannot speak highly enough about Saygo’s absolutely solid plot.

My last praise is for the characterization. Duncan is a fantastic character. He’s logical and likes to think about every possible outcome before moving forward. When it comes down to it, he also shines in combat, even if he is just a tad impulsive in regards to Alana. Who, again, I just love. Alana is definitely my favorite of the two. She’s an absolute beast and time and time again impressed me with her tenacity and talent. You expect a woman of the times, meek and helpless, a damsel-in-distress, but Alana proved me wrong.

My biggest complaint actually lies in the relationship  between Duncan and Alana. For me, it went a bit too fast and therefore felt rushed and unnatural. Duncan was head-over-heels for her almost instantly, although he did brush it off as simple attraction. I don’t know; my reasoning isn’t solid, but… Eh. It didn’t really hook me until the veeeeeery end.

Regardless, I still want to pick up the second! When it’s released, I probably will. A solid 5/5 read for me!

Final Rankings
Overall Rating: 5/5
Pacing: Fast and engaging until the very end. 
Intended Audience: It reads YA but without the angst.
Content Warnings: Mild violence, nothing too gruesome. Mentions/threats of rape.
Buy Link:

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