Book Review #46: Wrong Guy, Right Room by Michelle Angelle

Katie’s life is a dream. A hot fiance, who she met under the cutest circumstances, a beautiful wedding in the works, a secure, well planned future, two future in-laws who adore her….

But there’s one issue- She’s never actually slept with Neil.

As anxiety about Neil’s downstairs situation escalates, Katie finds herself quarantined in a hotel room with a man she thought she’d never see again. Can she focus on her upcoming wedding and her “lovely” fiance, or will old emotions become too much for her to handle?

Wrong Guy, Right Room: A Romantic Comedy by [Michelle Angelle]

This is the second book I’ve read by the lovely Michelle Angelle, and I cannot speak highly enough about the author herself. I consider us friends, but don’t worry, that won’t affect my review/rating whatsoever.

Since I started reading back in 2020, romance has quickly become one of my favorite genres. I love the cutesy meet-ups, the hilarious miscommunications, the intense spice, the angst–I’m a sucker for all things romantic. Thought TikTok, I’ve broadened my romance horizons and branched into some serious spice, but I’m also learning how to properly assess spice levels.

It should be stated outright that this book is a MILD rom-com. The spice is present, but in my opinion, it’s like a three chili pepper. Far from a five. If you’re looking for hot and heavy, this book isn’t it. BUT if you’re looking for some laughs and some sweet, sweet moments, this is it. It was honestly a nice little palette cleanser for me before I go back to the five chili pepper books I’ve been reading. LOL

The plot is immaculately done. I’ve honestly never read a romance where the two main characters are stuck in the same room for this long, and I thought I’d get tired of it. Yet, I didn’t. It helped that you’ve got a sort of enemies-to-lovers (mild) going on in that the miscommunications runs rampant. There’s times when you want to smack them both upside the head or scream at them–or both, to be fair. By the end of the book, I was rolling my eyes so far back in my head that I thought I saw my own brain. Turns out, there is one in there! LE SHOCK.

The characters are also top-tier. Neil is a truly disgusting villain. I was literally cringing from the way he was acting at times. But then, to counter him, you’ve got the sweet Luke. Although I wanted to wack him for not telling Katie about Neil, I applaud him for respecting her decisions and giving her space when she wanted it. And then KATIE. Phew. I won’t spoil much, but I was in TEARS for this girl.

Now, I do have two complaints. 1) There’s a minor issue where internal thoughts aren’t italicized. This can make it hard for some readers to separate between first and third person. It’ll effectively kick a reader out of the zone. I would definitely fix that. 2) The ending could have been more succinct for me. Now, I don’t mean the epilogue. I mean, the final miscommunications where Luke and Katie both cannot figure out HOW to get back to each other. It was frustrating for me. So much so that I just wanted to skip through it and see how they did get together. I think you could definitely skip a couple he-said-she-saids and get right to the end.

**SPOILERS ahead for sake of trigger warnings**

Final Rankings
Overall Rating: 4/5
Pacing: Good, except for the end.  
Intended Audience: Adult
Content Warnings: Miscarriage
Buy Link:

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