Book Review #47: Poseidon (Realm Book 2) by HG Ahedi

**Warning: This is a sequel review. If you have not read book one, please stop reading NOW. There will be spoilers. lol You can find the review for the first book here.**

Emmeline has lost everything.

Her home, her best friend, her love…

And now, she’s floating alone in space, running from the Imperial Command, hunting the second piece of what most consider a “mythical device.”

But it isn’t just Emmeline who is having to live with the consequences of the battle with the Orias. Anastasia and Mykel (captains of Titan and Prometheus) are suddenly lost in space; Byron and his friends have been dropped off in unknown territory, and…

No one knows what will happen with the Orias. Will they attack again? With Earth be prepared? You’ll have to read to find out!

Poseidon is the second installment in the Realm series by the magnificent HG Ahedi. I love sci-fi so dang much, and books like this just scratch all the right places in my brain. They make me giddy and nostalgic for the times when Star Trek and Doctor Who used to just play in the background of our house. My birth-dad was obsessed with these shows, and it kind of bled into my brain.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Ahedi is a master of using every single word to suck the reader right in. Her light and airy way of writing is simple enough that I don’t get bogged down but at the same time is descriptive enough that I’m able to paint a picture. From the layout of each ship to the alien worlds we get to explore, everything is expertly detailed. I liked that in this book, we get to see MORE of space. In book 1, we were sort of limited, but now–we’ve branched out. It should also be mentioned that I adore how Ahedi is knitting in the fantasy with the science fiction. It’s not just astronauts exploring space, it’s aliens with odd, fantastical abilities and children with… weird visions. (I’m still trying to figure out Seline.)

As far as characters go, most of the favorites return for Book 2. I’m still a little salty about what happened to a CERTAIN MAN who might have been named after an element on the periodic table, but I’ve been trying to move on. Emmeline is growing on me, slowly but surely. I like how she’s showing her resilience through this installment in the series. Anastasia continues to be my favorite. Watching her wrestle with her own guilt about what happened in the battle is interesting and relatable. She’s not letting it slow her down, though. I’m also really interested in the villain–the Queen of the Orias. We’ve got some really cool backstory unfolding here!

Pacing… A solid 10/10 on this one. The first book had a bit of a bumpy start, but this one dove straight in. I enjoyed the recap at the beginning. My brain needed it since it’s been so long since I read the series. But after that, it moves quickly and effortlessly. I kept thinking, “This is like watching a TV show.” The way that each chapter/section jumps between characters and locations is really beneficial to keeping the pace up. You don’t really have time to get tired of listening to one character groan because you’ve already moved on to the next one. There are like five multiple storylines unfolding at the exact same time, and while they do interact with one another in their own way, each is engaging by itself as well. Just, well done all around.

It’s getting a five star from me. Top tier science fiction. Nostalgic, engaging, heartbreaking, suspenseful–everything I need in a good book.

Final Rankings
Overall Rating: 5/5
Pacing: Just… *chef’s kiss*  
Intended Audience: YA and up. Anyone, really.
Content Warnings: None, really. Good, clean fun!
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