Book Review #49: The Reset by Joshua Griffith

When the balance between nature and technology is skewed more towards technology, The Reset occurs.

Put into motion accidentally by a secret government conspiracy to decimate the world’s population, The Reset is an event where a majority of people fall into two categories–those looking for a swift “exit” from life or those who have gone Feral and will help others exit. Then there’s the supernatural community, the only one’s exempt from The Reset.

Meg is a witch who, when grocery shopping, witnesses the horrors of The Reset first hand. Survival will require her to join forces with other supernaturals like herself and fight off the trauma that followed her experience with the Ferals. With the help of her werewolf friend/lover Mia, Meg might stand a chance of making it out of this paranormal war in one piece.

I’ve reviewed one of Joshua’s books before and when I went back to read my review, I was kind of shocked. Apparently, I didn’t like the story as much as I thought I did… Which is honestly really shocking to me now, because I genuinely really, really liked this book. What’s so different?!

First, Joshua has a very unique style that I think I’ve come to terms with. This novel is categorized as “paranormal” and “paranormal romance.” I think it’s honestly a little more genre-blended than that. It’s almost like magical realism/urban fantasy with bits of horror thrown in. And I genuinely enjoy that for this plot line. But I’ll get back to plot later. What you need to know about Joshua’s style is that it’s a very smooth, easy read. There’s no jostling or bumping along the way. You pick it up and absolutely glide through the story like a demon coming from the rift (lol, book reference). The pacing was phenomenal, leaving me absolutely no time to catch my  breath.

As far as characters go, I thought the cast was very well-written. It was very diverse–from witches to demons and from vampires to werewolves. You’ve even got a god thrown into the  mix. Each person had their own role to play and their own specialization. No two characters were too similar. I did sometimes struggle with Meg’s sass as it often felt forced and fake, but overall, I liked her enough and got a good number of laughs from her wit.

Now, plot! Let me get this out–I think this could be more than one book. I wanted MORE. I wanted to see Meg struggling more before reaching the facility, and I wanted to watch her learn. Hopefully, some of these things will be illuminated through the rest of the series. Even as I say this, I’m conflicted. The characters have to hurry. The end of the world is coming. But do they need to to hurry that fast? lol Time passes, whether the author delves into those days or not. Can’t we have an expansion? Also, the romance did feel a bit rushed, but hey, they’re… well… I get it! So, again, I’m a bit conflicted, lol.

Overall, I loved this more than I thought I would. I’m 75% through book 2, so expect that review very soon!

Final Rankings

Overall Rating: 4.5/5, but I’m rounding up to a 5 for Goodreads/Amazon.
Pacing: Fast, fast, fast.
Intended Audience: Adult. Especially for fans of the horror/paranormal genre.
Content Warnings: Rape and suicide, both of which are described in detail.
Buy link:

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