Book Review #54: Hammer my Heart by Michelle Angelle

Reality TV was NOT made for the weak of heart.

So when Sam signs up for the famous carpentry-based TV show Go Hard or Go Home, she steels her heart and mind for the competition. What she doesn’t expect is a gorgeous Clark Kent doppelganger who is good at marketing and charming a crowd, two things Sam has never been good at. She’s here to prove women (and individuals with dyslexia) can do anything they set their mind to, not fall in love!

But Max has an agenda of his own. He needs to win the farmhouse in order to save his family from a debt he caused. Can he stay focused, or will the eccentric girl in overalls be too much for him?

I love Michelle Angelle! This girl duo knows how to write a rom-com! Their book Dear Pink was one of the first books I enjoyed when I first started reading rom-coms, and man, did it ever set the bar high!

As far as style goes, they’ve always had a succinct voice– humorous and hot (lol). It’s a spicy rom-com, what else do we expect? Their descriptions are straight to the point. There’s no long-drawn out settings or descriptions, but we still get a feel for everything around us as we read.

The aspect of writing that I think Michelle Angelle excels at though is character creation. From the very get-go, I fell in love with these characters (most of them). Sam is funny and high-spirited. She doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to voicing her opinions, and she doesn’t let anyone get away with anything. Plus, Michelle Angelle threw some disability representation into this one! Sam has dyslexia, and the way she embraces it was so inspiring. Max is everything you want from a male lead, but somehow, he’s also… not? lol. I liked how strong and smart he was, and he’s also gorgeous. But Max is sensitive and emotionally driven, something we don’t often get from men in rom-coms. I liked that HE was the one mooning over her most of the time! And when he stood up for her?! *fans myself*

But the icing on top of the cake for me was Rob. Rob is the host of Go Hard or Go Home, and he has to be the most despicable human I’ve ever read about in a modern setting (can’t count the killer robots or evil warlocks, lol). I will not ruin experiencing Rob for you, but let be just say that he’s a sexist dumpster fire of a human and MY GOD you’ll want to punch him in the throat on like every other page! He’s disgusting and so well-written that I’m impressed. lol

My only complaint, and the reason I knocked off a star, was that I wished it would have been a longer novel. There’s such a good foundation here, and I think Michelle Angelle could have spent a little more time developing these characters and making them SHINE. The ending did feel a little rushed, and while it was definitely chock full of poetic justice, it lacked the emotional impact I expect from Michelle Angelle.

Overall, a great, light, fun read. I’d highly recommend.

Memes I Made (because why not? Lol)

Final Ratings
Overall Rating: 4/5
Pacing: A bit too fast for me.
Intended Audience: Rom-com lovers who don’t mind some spice.
Content Warnings: Spice, obviously. lol. But it’s like a two on the pepper scale. lol

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