June Reading Stats

It was a huge reading month for me, so I thought I’d do one of these fun, reading stat style posts!

Overall Stats

6 books (Rookie numbers, I know, but I tried!)
2050 pages
About 68 pages per day (So high because it’s summer!)
2 beta-reading projects (that don’t count because they’re not finished yet! Lol)


  • 1 Science Fiction Romance
  • 4 Romantic Comedies
  • 1 Tech Thriller
  • 1 YA Fantasy (beta-read)
  • 1 Fantasy Romance (beta-read)

Usually, I don’t read so many rom-coms, but my BFF and I decided that we were going to read together this summer since we have such a massive TBR together. I really, really love the romantic genre, so I have absolutely no complaints!

Age Ranges

  • 7 Adult
  • 1 Young Adult (the beta-read)

I think I’m outgrowing YA in general, because I find myself reading less and less. I love a good YA graphic novel (and the occasional novel in verse), but in general, I find them sort of tiresome. Not to mention, the one YA book I read this month was Upper YA, and it had some very serious subject matter. It’s one of those YA books that are only considered YA because of the MC’s age. No other reason, lol.


  • 4 e-books
  • 2 paperbacks
  • 2 shared files (beta-reads)

Beside my reading beanbag (a massive Lovesac that I’ve molded to my body shape, lol), I have a library style cart overflowing with books. So the fact that I got to mark those two paperbacks off the list made me so happy.

We won’t talk about the seven-ish other physical books I added from my TWO bookshop runs. I have a book-buying problem… But, like my mom used to say, IT COULD BE DRUGS.

Thank God it’s not drugs!

Must Reads This Month

  • Book Lovers by Emily Henry
    • I didn’t type up a lengthy formal review for this one, because I save those for the indie books, but I cannot tell you how AMAZING this book is. It’s hilarious and heart-wrenching at the same time. It honestly goes straight to the top of my favorite reads of 2022.
  • Ashes of Hope and Hunger by Dawn Jonckowski
    • While this is a second book, it was just as phenomenal as the first, and if you’re a fan of SFF Romance, you won’t want to miss this entire series. I am beyond obsessed with it.

Overall, these 6 books (not counting the two beta-reads) puts me at 32 books for the year! I set a goal of 50 on Goodreads, so I’m ahead of schedule! That’s good because the next few months will be sloooooow.

Talk to ya next week!

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