Book Review #56: Rapid Eye Movement by Amanda Sheridan

Lucy has a rather simple life. She gets up every morning, cares for her two wonderful daughters, does the job of her dreams, and spends her free time with her loving husband. Everything is wonderful and exactly how it should be.

Until she falls asleep.

At night, Lucy is thrown head first into another world, one where a woman named Jennifer is living her dream while dating a breathtakingly handsome Mossad officer. Jennifer’s life is exotic and adventurous, and Lucy never wants to leave.

But when the women who live these two desperate lives start to realize they aren’t just figments of each other’s lives, they’re both real humans, things start to get complicated. Fast.

This is my first time reading a novel by Amanda Sheridan! I’ve heard all about her through our shared Facebook groups, and I’ve seen her cover every stinkin’ where. Yet, I never picked the book up. It never worked out in my favor! Time is a fickle mistress.

So, when our book club, The Imaginariums, decided this was going to be our next indie read, I was so excited! Let’s do the praises first!!

I loved Sheridan’s voice. It can often be hard to balance two different points of view, but that can be made even harder when the two POVs come from women who come from two different parts of the world. Lucy lives in Yorkshire, and Sheridan manages to capture that voice perfectly. I’m American, unfortunately. But I love the local phrasings and the subtle differences between American English  vs European English. It’s little things like “nowt” that make me smile. I love it. Sheridan is obviously European, and this shouldn’t make me smile as much as it does. But then you get to see Jennifer, who lives in Cyprus, and she doesn’t talk in the same way! And that would be hard for me, as a writer, to make clear enough. So kudos to you, Sheridan, for making that distinction obvious.

The second praise I want to give is for this phenomenal premise. I mean, honestly, the concept of two women dreaming about each other’s lives every night when they go to sleep? It’s ingenious and so stinking creative. It’s honestly something you’d read about in a science fiction or paranormal read, and I think that might be part of what lead to the “complaints” that you’ll read about in my next section. The premise is ingenious, and I could have never came up with something like this.

Speaking of the premise and how creative it was, I think I may have set my expectations a bit too high. The entire novel, you’re wondering what connects these two women. How in the world do two women so far apart get connected in such a wild, fantastic sort of way? I kept pushing and reading, even though the pace was on the slower end and at times I didn’t want to keep going, because I had to know what it was!!

…and I was disappointed.

To be more specific, I was mad. About 60% through, I texted a friend of mine and said, “I think I know what it is, and if I’m right, I’m going to be furious.” AND I WAS! Right and furious. 😂😂 It felt so anti-climactic and like such a let down. Especially after how well-written and well-spun the rest of the story was!! The ending absolutely ruined it for me. (This must be what it feels like to read Verity by Colleen Hoover, lol)

My only other complaint was the pacing. I prefer a faster paced book to keep my interest, but most of the time while reading, I didn’t mind because I had the two romances to keep me going. I’m such a sucker for romance, lol. But the slice of life style story pace and the ending really brought it down for me.

I’ll read book 2, but only because I’ve been told it is better than the first. Apparently this is something of an “origin story” and I’m all for second chances. Sheridan is a magnificent writer; that’s easy to see.

For me, it’s a 3.5. But for someone else, this could easily be a 5. That’s why I’m so torn. 

Some Memes (Some of which were made by members of the IBC)

Final Ratings
Overall Rating: 3.5 / 5
Pacing: Fast at the beginning, slow (painfully imo) in the middle, and then fast at the end.
Intended Audience: Anyone, really.
Content Warnings: None that I can recall.

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