Book Review #61: Some of It was Real by Nan Fischer

I picked this book up on a whim. There’s a reviewer that I follow on BookTok and Goodreads who writes the most hilarious reviews (talking about you, Ayman, even though you’ll never, ever see this) and I saw it pop up on her timeline saying, and I quote: “I’ve never read anything like this.” I mean, she reads all kinds of books! What’s so special about this one?!

Now I freaking know.

I should start off by saying I’ve developed a favorite genre to read. I love romance books. Over the summer, I partook in what I called Hot Girl Summer of Books. That meant inhaling romance books like actual oxygen. I’m obsessed with Ali Hazelwood, Helen Hoang, and Emily Henry. This book here, Some of It Was Real, is part romance. And that’s not even the best part. Yes, the romance had me gutted at times, had me swooning at others, but the romance was NOT the part that made this book a five-star read for me.

Some of It Was Real is part romance, part mystery-thriller, part paranormal.It’s a story about a psychic medium named Sylvie who is the star of her own show. People around the country come to her to contact their dead relatives in order to receive closure. At one show, a reporter named Thomas confronts her–calls her a fraud and a “grief vampire.” Sylvie has two weeks to prove to him that she’s not those things or he will publish a horrible expose revealing her true nature to the public. But as they start to unravel Sylvie’s inner motives, her past rises to the surface and, well, THE MYSTERY.

When I tell you I was on the edge of my seat.

When I tell you I couldn’t breathe until I figured it out.


I mean it. Every single word.

Because you fall in love with imperfect, magnificently manipulating Sylvie and doubting, lying Thomas. You learn that they’re both terribly realistic people doing what they have to do to survive, and then you watch both of them just FALL APART. Sylvie and Thomas tear each other into shreds, and somehow, they manage to pick each other back up again, despite the events that transpire at the end. Both of these people lose absolutely everything–and my Lord, it is perfectly written.

I can say no more. Everyone needs to read this. I’ll scream it to the heavens.

Final Ratings
Overall Rating: 5 / 5
Pacing: A slow beginning, but picks up speed.
Intended Audience: Adult fans of romance and mystery.
Content Warnings: Death, violence, grief
Buy link:


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