Book Review #63: A Forgotten History (Lost in the Vast #1)

Much of world history is a myth. It’s made up of assumptions, folktales, and legends, of recently unearthed civilizations and jungle-surrounded cities.

But a history tangled in multiple dimensions and fantastical beasts? That’s one beyond our conceptualization.

Or is it?

I picked this book up on a whim. I was scrolling through Facebook, doing my mindless thing, when I saw this post in one of my sci-fi authors’ groups. It was advertising a free promo sale on a series—all three books! What a steal! Not to mention, the cover art is gorgeous. I mean, honestly, just freaking look at it. I snatched it up so dang fast that I’m a little embarrassed.

And then the books sat in my kindle library, sure to die as I read through my physical TBR. lol. Until one day, I was scrolling for a new read, saw these books, and thought, “Why not?”

I have absolutely no regrets!

I love a good sci-fantasy! I love the genre mashup and the science mixed with the unbelievable. But what did it for me was the Maya backdrop. I’m a SUCKER for Mesoamerican history (Not many people actually know that). I felt like a kid in a candy store reading this book! You should have seen me kicking my feet at the mention of King Pakal. And the Maya stelae? Swooning like a girl in front of Fabio. Y’all didn’t know I was that big of a nerd, did you?

The story revolves around Alex, Cole,Trent and Dante as they explore ancient Maya ruins. What they discover is a sacred temple and artifacts protected by dark forced stronger than they can begin to understand. When the pieces of the puzzle come together, the four explorers are transported to a different dimension—one where women are the predators and Oprah is the President.

The mythical was balanced with the science in juuuuust the right way that you have to suspend disbelief and roll with it. Plus, this novella doesn’t slow down for you. You’re dropped right in the middle of a social group and left to figure out who these people are and how they got here. It’s paced perfectly to where you can’t STOP reading. You have to know what’s going to happen next and if these people are going to make it home.

Spoiler alert: They don’t. 😬

The ending sets up for a continuation, and I didn’t hesitate to open book 2 and keep going. I finished the first one in a day and am already half way through the second. Lol. I may be addicted.

Final Ratings
Overall Rating: 5 / 5
Pacing: *chef’s kiss*
Intended Audience: Adults who like genre-mashups with history thrown in. It’s Easter egg city. lol
Content Warnings: It’s dark sci-fantasy! There’s violence and close mentions of sexual assault.
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