Book Review #64: St. Martin (Lost in the Vast #2)

Not everyone is built for multidimensional travel. Some minds just aren’t fortified enough.

Some friendships aren’t either.

And when the past can follow you from one world to the next, it’s really hard to forget your problems. Alexis, Cole, Trent, and Dante’s bonds are laid out on a dissection table when they arrive in the barren, fantastical land of St. Martins.

I fell in love for book 1 for the characters, the cover art, and the Maya exploration, but I stayed for the perfect pacing. Book 2 is different, and in this case, it’s NOT a bad thing. I will try to do this spoiler free, but I make no promises.

I’m pretty sure the point of the first book was to grab your attention. It left me with so many questions that I really had no choice but to keep reading. It’s just the sort of thing that does that to you. The second one is where SOME of the pieces start falling in place. Not completely, because we’re only in book two of like five, but again, it’s enough to satiate you and push you to read book three.

In this installment, we’re transported into a world that’s completely different. St. Martin is a futuristic Earth where the climate has been turned upside down. Humans live in a narrow strip, covered by a green dome. There are bioluminescent animals and half-human genetically engineered monsters called Ikrodites. It’s earth but gone horribly wrong. The descriptions were so well-written that I thought I was there—but was very, very thankful NOT to be there. Lol

Alex, Cole, and Trent are together for most of this novel. It’s definitely more atmospheric than the first, but they’re still subjected to pain. This time it’s emotional distress, and boy, does it work. I liked how we jumped from head to head and really built up the characters. Even Dante, who I thoroughly hated, has redeemed himself. My dislike has shifted to someone else.

Overall, a great read and a continuous build up for the rest of the series. I’ve already started book three, lol.

Final Ratings
Overall Rating: 5 / 5
Pacing: a bit slower than the last but not a deterrent.
Intended Audience: Adults sci-fantasy fans!
Content Warnings: Violence, mostly.
Buy link: St. Martin:


2 Replies to “Book Review #64: St. Martin (Lost in the Vast #2)”

  1. You know what I’ve done since recognizing my TBR panic? Went to the library and impulse grabbed 4 books then read your book reviews and added more to the TBR. Who cares if I’ll never read them all? Books are Magic!


    1. You have no idea the insane amount of books I own that I’ve never read. 😂 Book buying is one hobby, TBR updating is another, and reading is an entirely different hobby. The gods can never give one person all three talents. 😂

      But life is short and books are good! So read on!

      Liked by 1 person

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