Book Review #74: Dear Roomie by Michelle Angelle

Ghita’s dating life is a disaster.

I mean, the woman literally invented a (NOT) dating app, and even she can’t find companionship with it!

But maaaaaybe, love is something that doesn’t always follow the nice, clean algorithm we expect it to.

Enter Logan–a complicated man with a spark Ghita can’t deny.

I’ve read everything Michelle Angelle has to offer.


And there’s not a lot of authors that I can say that about! More often than not, I get really bored of a person’s writing style and just move on to something else! Not Michelle Angelle, though. These two ladies KNOW how to write a rom-com.

“Dear Roomie” is the latest installment in the Dear Pink series, and we get to experience even more of the wild Russo family. I have always adored the love these people share. It’s almost tangible in the way the authors write them. You can just feel the adoration and connections in the Russo family. In this book, you get to taste the twin-telepathy of Ghita and Gemma, and my lord, it cracks me up. I was rolling as soon as we started talking about safe words (orange sandwich? really?!).

But the two characters I instantly fell in love with were Logan and Ghita–obviously. They’re the leads! Ghita is an independent woman who takes crap from no one, and I adore her for it. It’s nice to have a female lead who isn’t seen as weak or needing of rescue (not that there’s something wrong with that). Ghita would have been perfectly content to live the rest of her life without love. But in comes Logan! He’s a master cook (swoon), an environmentalist (double swoon), and can dance (cue the heart attack). What’s not to love?! The banter between these two is to die for!

I was a taaaad bit worried that Logan was a bit too…. effeminate for my taste. Again, there’s NOTHING wrong with that. But at the beginning of the book, his POV didn’t read masculine enough for me. Again, I’m not even sure what that means, lol. And I don’t even care if males are effeminate! But I guess I’ve gotten used to commanding, I’ll-punch-anyone-who-crosses-you men that Logan kind of snuck up on me.

Also, I really wished that we’d had more time to dwell on the “abusive relationship” aspect. I have a weak spot for women who help men heal, and I think Michelle Angelle missed out on an opportunity to deepen the storyline a little. I may or may not have rolled my eyes when the “addiction” was revealed. I can’t say why it didn’t sit right with me, but it just didn’t. Maybe it felt a little too silly? Again, I don’t know. You can count this for personal preference.

Either way, it was a wonderfully funny and sweet book. A solid for romance fans.

Final Ratings
Overall Rating: 4 / 5 ( 3.5 on the spice scale!)
Pacing: A quick read! Fast paced with lots of romance after the halfway point.
Intended Audience: Romance fans.
Content Warnings: None that I can think of.
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