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Visit an alternate universe unlike any other.

Caged, Book 1 of the Idyllic Series

In Eden Cavalleri’s world, zoos don’t exist.

The Anthros do: a twisted place where cybernetics come to gawk at humans imprisoned behind glass. The machines have taken over the world above ground, and they intend to exterminate or imprison what’s left of the human race.

Eden’s job as a runner is simple: survive long enough to bring back much needed supplies to the other humans hiding in tunnels beneath the city. But after a botched supply run lands her under the glass domes as a zoo exhibit, her mission changes. Now, she has to learn to save herself instead of everyone else.

A prisoner and lab rat, Eden is subjected to nightmarish and excruciating experiments at the hands of the machines. Their end goal is clear: turn her into one of them. Escaping seems impossible, unless she places her trust in the hands of her exhibit mate, a strange boy who was born within the zoo. If the machines succeed, though, Eden will be forced to hunt down other humans—even her own family.She’s used to running and hiding from her problems, but when the decision is made to face them head on, Eden learns that pride and confidence aren’t always good attributes to have. Trusting others may be her hamartia, and the price she pays for her freedom will be life-altering.

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The Beast Within

Sixteen-year-old Cani is a Dreck– a genetically engineered mixture of human and animal. While constantly battling to maintain her fragile humanity, she’s pitted against her own kind over and over in The Arena. Loss means death, but winning means more training and mistreatment. Escape isn’t even an option. Where would she go?

When a new Dreck trader shows up at The Estate, offering Cani and her best friend Fell a new opportunity, the sun seems to be shining down on them for once.

Daylight never lasts forever, though, and even in the beauty of night, there are dangers. Cani can’t escape the Arena. No one can.

Immune, Book 1 of the Immune Series

Within the walls of Compound 4, Jay makes stupid mistakes, some that she doesn’t understand, putting everyone inside at risk. All because she can’t shoot someone. All because she misses the wind in her hair, the flowers on the hillsides, the sound of crickets at night. All because she’s different, the only person untouchable by the Virus.

When a girl shows up who knows her name, Jay decides it’s time to run. Yet outside the compound, she’ll find more than zombies waiting. A truth about the virus lies hidden in the abandoned world, and Jay may risk everything to uncover it.

Hidden, the Immune finale

Compound 4 was burned to the ground. Compound 5 was liberated. Compounds 2 and 3 wait patiently for Jay and Isaac to arrive with the vaccine that has been created to protect what’s left of the human race from The Virus that nearly wiped them out fifteen years ago.

That leaves Compound 1, nestled in the deep woods of the northern United States. The warning they sent to Jay’s supporters was clear: stay away. But Jay’s never been good at following directions.

Outside Compound 1, a laboratory exists. The bottom floor is a home; the upper floor is anything but. Mya Julien’s life consists of needles, machines, tests and sickness. Being immune comes with a price, and when a dark-haired stranger crashes unwillingly into their life, she and her brother Finn discover a haunting truth.

No one can miss you, if no one knows you exist.

Selected, Book 2 of the Immune Series

South of Compound 4, another compound exists. Within the wall of Compound 5, children are trained and tested for perfection through the Intelligence Exam, a test that every student takes during their sixteenth year. Pass, and you stay within the compound. Fail, and you are sent away.

When a student receives the compound’s first ever perfect IE score, a storm makes its way in from the ocean. Smart but cowardly Quinn faces the threat of Compound 5, a short blonde girl whose name he can’t pronounce, and begins to question everything he’s ever been taught, pushing the limits of the system and his own comfort zone. Can Q unravel the secrets held within the walls, or will he lead his family and friends to a war they can’t win against a woman who seems to be triumphing against all odds?

The Island, Book 1 of the Rebellion Series
The Island

When Jordyn wakes up in the middle of a tropical forest in the mouth of a cat too big to be real, she decides this isn’t how she wants to die.

The Island has other plans, though. It was designed to kill her, and it will bring out every gun in the arsenal to do so.

Her life becomes a game of survival from the mutant and venomous animals, severe temperature changes, and impossible weather scenarios that exist in this government manufactured prison. The twist? She has no idea who she is, where she came from, or why she committed first-degree arson.

In this mixture of “The Hunger Games” and “Maze Runner”, Jordyn has to unravel the truth before nature kills her- or die not knowing.