Review #43: Glint (Plated Prisoner #2) by Raven Kennedy

Once, she was a prisoner surrounded by luxury, protected as the King Midas’ favored but ostracized from the world.

Now, she’s a prisoner to one of the kingdom’s most feared armies and the commander himself–a vicious man with many secrets waiting to be uncovered. One of those Auren already knows. Commander Rip is Fae. His power is absolutely alive within him, bubbling to the surface in the form of spikes.

But it’s his eyes that have Auren entranced…

If she wants to make it out of this alive, she’ll have to learn how to avoid becoming a golden pawn and embrace the power that she has instead of relying on everyone else around her for protection.

Glint (The Plated Prisoner Series Book 2) by [Raven Kennedy]

I waited long enough for this review. LOL I read Glint months ago. It’s embarrassing really. But I was so, so burnt out from work and reviews felt like a task instead of a joy. Why would I do something that just didn’t feel nice? Eh.

But I’m back! This will be a rather shorter review than the one I did for Gild (which you can find here), because I already talked about Kennedy’s style and writing prowess. Like the first book, Glint is BEYOND well-written. The thought– the planning– the craft– It’s all just *chef’s kiss*. I continue to be amazed by the design of this series. I know it’s building to an amazing ending that I cannot wait to read.

Speaking of building, what I loved most in this installment of the series is actually the slow building of Auren’s character. I talked in my last review about how I just knew that she was going to blossom, and by God, she exploded in this novel. Once outside of her cage, she really gets to develop herself and be herself. And she absolutely SHINES. Pun intended, because ya know… she’s golden… Lol Some of my favorite moments were coupled with me literally fist-pumping in the air as she just slams REDACTED or when she’s learning to fight with REDACTED2 and absolutely destroys.

And then there’s Rip. Hold on, let me just– *touches grass* I might be okay now. Honestly, who thought we’d all fall in love with a man who is meant to terrify us because he’s covered in spikes and is just incredibly powerful? But if you make it out of this book and don’t swoon for Rip, something’s wrong. I won’t spoil anything about Rip because by GOD this was another one of those perfectly set-up reveals, but let me just tell you– PHEW HE’S SOMETHING.

It’s the tension! I don’t know what else to say!

Overall, a magnificent read, and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on book 3. I’m only waiting because I know book 4 isn’t set to come out for a few more months and I know how I am. lol Speaking of loving this books, I’m making the new hardbacks rewards for my weight loss goals. LOL

“Every heartbreak I’ve endured in my life, every harrowing pain, it’s ripped a part of me away. I’ve felt every piece of myself that’s been torn off, seen each bit where it fell behind me in the path of my past like breadcrumbs, only to be snapped up by vicious birds of prey. “

“’Sometimes,’ he murmurs, ‘things need first to be ruined in order to then be remade.’”

Adding this one because it made me lose it:
“ ‘Commander, I must insist that you don’t touch King Midas’s favored.’ ‘I must insist that you shut the fuck up,’ Osrik drawls. “

Final Rankings
Overall Rating: 5/5
Pacing: As perfect as the first.
Intended Audience: A, definitely 18+
Content Warnings: Rape, mature language, graphic violence.
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