Book Review #70: Icarus (Realm III) by HG Ahedi

Space is infinite, and time is just a construct. So what will happen when we bend both?

As Emmeline continues chasing after pieces of the mythical device with the Orias on her tail, she ends up in a completely different era–one of her ancestors past. If she wants to keep the timeline in order, she’ll have to be very, very careful, even when she has to cross paths with her own great-great-great-etc-grandfather.

While Emmeline’s figuring that out, Ana and Mykel still battle in the 24th century to find their way back across space, jumping portals and investigating mysterious asteroids.

The third installation in this story will keep you on your toes until the VERY last page.

I’m a long time fan of Ahedi, and a die-hard fan of this series. I honestly don’t think Ahedi could disappoint me at this point. I’ll do my best to keep my review brief because otherwise, I could ramble for hours.

I love the fact that this reads like I’m watching a TV show. We head hop from one story line to the next, from one century to another, from one GALAXY to another, and it’s so seamless. The transitions nearly always work, and I was never, ever confused about whose POV I was in. Since it’s told in a 3rd person omniscient point of view, you don’t have to worry about voices being unique, but there was a clear enough line drawn that I wasn’t confused.

I also really, really enjoy that I miss the characters when they aren’t on the page. I feel as though I’ve bonded with Emmeline (and Ana and Mykel) over these three books. When I was reading another storyline, I was straight up worried about HER. It takes incredible skill for an author to craft characters that readers connect with on that deep of a level. I beleive Ahedi has masterfully done that through this series.

The last thing I liked about this third book was the added science. I won’t pretend to understand all of the lingo, but the jargon adds believability. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–there’s something nostalgic about not understanding space lingo to me, lol. It makes me feel like I’m watching Star Trek with my dad.

As far as things I didn’t enjoy:

  1. Length- It’s an excruciatingly long book. It took me nearly A MONTH to read, and I’m a decently fast reader. I kept having to take it in chunks.
  2. Pacing- Some parts are very slow. Which is why I was reading in chunks, lol. I did enjoy the book overall, but some parts felt unnecessary and slow.

Overall, a fantastic addition to this series, and I cannot WAIT to see what happens next.

Final Ratings
Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5
Pacing: A mixed bag. Some slow, some fast. The last 30% went by in one big whoosh
Intended Audience: Sci-fi fans. People who like Star Trek.
Content Warnings: None, really. Violence, but it’s mild, really.
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