Book Review #67: Until Next Year by Michelle Angelle

I’ve become sort of a romance junkie…

At first, I thought it was a problem, but I’m starting to realize that whatever makes me happy in life should be embraced!

… Even if it’s fictional couples falling in love… lol

I’m a huge fan of Michelle Angelle! This author duo has NEVER done wrong by me. Time and time again, they have proved their ability to craft a romance novel.

Until Next Year is no exception.

Stylistically, this is a book that’s super easy to read. It’s going to suck you in within the first couple of pages and not let you go. Since it’s a novella-sized book, there’s no lengthy prose or drawn out yearning. It’s all cut and dry on the page for you, and honestly, that makes for a super good palate cleanser, in my opinion.

The characters also shine! Our two main leads–Gloria and Jacob–are both very career-driven people. Friends since elementary school, they fall in and out of touch over the course of the ten years that this story takes place in, and if that’s not the most realistic thing about adult relationships, I don’t know what is. But they do have such amazing chemistry, and I really felt the romance there. It didn’t sneak up on you (which I don’t like) and it wasn’t forced.

One of my major complaints is actually the large cast. We sort of have a revolving door of friends and partners over the years. The constant cast is there–hanging out at the Pooper Palace (honestly, who thinks of these things? lol) every year–but the other people come and go. Each person was unique, and I think they were all strong characters. But after so many, I kind of just lost track and they started blending together. Then you’ve got people like Alistair the Shakespeare Enthusiast and Doctor Matthew the Inspirationalist–and you kind of forget that there are so many, because it’s so gosh, dang funny. lol

My second complaint, and it’s really minor (and also very much my opinion) was that the last ten to fifteen percent of the book was wasteful. We’d already had one Second Act breakup, and then had another one thrown at us. It felt semi-unnecessary. I still loved the book! It’s still a 4.5 for me! 

Final Ratings
Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5
Pacing: Very quick and engaging.
Intended Audience: Adult rom-com lovers.
Content Warnings: It’s spicy? lol Expect explicit but mild sex scenes.
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