Book Review #62: Shadow Pandemic by HG Ahedi

The pandemic was awful. For everyone.

But for Norris Cunningham, it was absolute devastation. Life in the little village he calls home will never be the same.

I have read and enjoyed several of Ahedi’s books! She is a member of our indie book club, The Imaginariums, and I’m happy to consider her a friend. Unfortunately for Ahedi, that doesn’t mean I take it easy on her, lol. I love her sci-fantasy books, so how do I feel about her straight scifi? Weeeeellll….

Overall, this was a really good read! From the first page, there’s a tension that forces you to keep reading. We head-hop from character to character AND from past to present through alternating chapters. While that did take me a little while to get used to, once you fall into the sway of things, it just becomes a natural rhythm. Plus, the pattern and sensibleness of it all just… well.. makes sense. lol. It’s hard to get lost when there’s logic to the back and forth.

The characters are relatable; they carry on adult jobs with validity and convincibility. They feel the pain of being cramped in their houses during Quarantine! I mean, honestly, this book reminded me a little too much of the six months I was trapped in my house. Spoiler alert: I hated it. So reading this story about these stir-crazy villagers and their big-city neighbors who are dying for something to investigate–it felt oddly relatable.

Then, there’s also the social commentary of the storyline. It’s to be expected with any good sci-fi that you get a little “beware of doomsday” vibes. That’s what I love about dystopian fiction. It’s like a warning label that no one wants or we all got a little too late. This is a pandemic story, and it doesn’t really have warnings, per se, but it does have some social commentary braided in with the zombie apocalypse. It doesn’t come off preachy (thank goodness), and it’s not too insanely obvious.

Overall, a solid, tense read! I got through it very quickly because of the pacing and enjoyed every minute of it.

Final Ratings
Overall Rating: 4 / 5
Pacing: Very fast. Chapters end of cliffhangers all the way through, so you have no choice but to keep reading.  
Intended Audience: Zombie apocalypse fans!  
Content Warnings: A wittle bit of violence. Nothing too bad.
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