Book Review #65: Cursed (Lost in the Vast #3)

With every jump through time, bonds splinter just a little more.

The bonds between friends. The bonds holding reality together. The bonds of the human mind. The bonds that separate worlds.

Alexis, Cole, Trent, and Dante find themselves in an new reality full of monsters, but little do they know, the real monster is already among them.

This entire series has just been a rollercoaster. We went from intrigue to sadness to absolute horrendous gore and terror! I’m here for it; I love every different phase. The author part of me wants to know WHO wrote which scenes, because Travis/Chelsea, we need to talk. lol

This book had literally everything I enjoy. 1) It’s apocalyptic. The friends find themselves in a post-apoc London where things called the Cursed have taken over. They’re the result of something like a collider backfiring. I won’t pretend to understand the science. 2) There’s romance! I will NOT say who it’s between, because that’d be spoilery. And it’s actually… kind of off-putting in certain scenarios (again, spoilery). But there were scenes in here that had me swooning! I adore romance subplots. 3) It was gloriouslygory. MY GOD, the gore. It had me curling my toes into the carpet, gagging a little into my shoulder, and shuddering openly. I write gore! I love gore! This– this is next level stuff, y’all. The scene with Redacted’s FACE in his HAND??? UGH


I clearly enjoyed this third installation. I’m a bit mad that the next book isn’t already out yet, but then I realized it’s a many book series. I don’t usually pick up series that aren’t all out yet, especially if the authors are still writing the beginning because, boy, am I forgetful. But let me just tell you, I already pre-ordered book 4. And I’ll preorder book 5. And book 6.

This is good stuff. Full stop.

And this review was nothing but me getting stupid-excited over a book, lol.

Enjoy these screenshots of my Kindle comments, cause they are funny.

Final Ratings
Overall Rating: 5 / 5
Pacing: Fast! Like the first, really.
Intended Audience: Adults sci-fantasy fans who have a strong stomach, lol
Content Warnings: Violence, heavy gore, SA, drug use (lol on this one. best scene in the whole book)
Buy link:


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